Choosing your newborn’s hospital outfit is one of the first fun decisions you’ll make for your baby. It may also be the first outfit many people will see them in as you post your newborn’s hospital photos.

So, what do you need to consider when it comes to choosing this first outfit? With so many options available let’s look at what your outfit needs to do to help you narrow it down!

Will the Hospital Provide Clothes?

There is so much to consider right before the baby arrives. If you have questions, please talk to your professionals. When it comes to outfits, check with your hospital, many actually provide clothes for while you’re in their care, and prefer that you use the outfits provided.

If your hospital doesn’t provide clothes or you’d prefer to dress your baby yourself, (your outfit will be so much cuter than the hospital clothes!) there are some considerations you need to make. We’ve answered the most common questions to make choosing your newborn’s hospital outfit simple!


What Do I Need To Know About Choosing baby clothes?

The Basics

We often wonder just how we should dress our babies, we don’t want them to be cold, or to overheat. This can be a scary dilemma, especially for the first time mom, we’ve got a rule of thumb for you. Your baby should always be dressed in the same number of layers as you, plus one.

The next question we’re often asked is which fabrics to use. Remember, their skin is brand new and can be a little sensitive so you want to go for plain fabrics that are soft and breathable. They are wearing clothes for the first time so let’s ease them into it!


What Clothes Should I Bring To The Hospital for my newborn?

Regardless of where you live, in the hospital, you’ll likely have a long sleeve layer and a swaddle as the air conditioning can get a bit chilly for such tiny people. The two most common options are the long sleeve onesie and the wrap-style shirt.

Long Sleeve Onesie

A long sleeve onesie is great as it keeps the chest warm and still has the studs for changing time. Look for onesies with envelope shoulders as these open wider making it easier to get over your little one’s head.

Consider whether you prefer zips or studs for changing time. During those first weeks, many moms prefer studs as it means they can gain access to the diaper without having to fully undress the baby which keeps the chest warm. However, you might prefer a zip for the ease of opening and closing.

Another popular version of the onesie is the sleepsuit. It is ultra-cozy and combines a onesie and a swaddle. They are great for naptime and the baby stays warm but doesn’t have any blankets or clothes near their face.

Whichever style you choose remember to make sure their legs are covered. Babies don’t have great circulation so we need to keep those legs and feet warm.

Wrap-Style Tops

Some babies can get fussy having things pulled over their heads as they are quite sensitive. Consider bringing a wrap-style top, they keep the chest warm and are soft against the umbilical stump.

If you do go for a wrap-style top remember those little legs. Consider swaddling your little one if pants and socks just aren’t working for them. We have a range of gorgeous blankets that are perfect for that cozy swaddle.

Diaper and Swaddle Only

Of course, if you’re not comfortable dressing your baby yet, or they are fussy and prefer clothes-free, you can always simply pop a diaper on and go with the swaddle-only option. This can be great for the first few days as that little umbilical stump can be a bit sore and clothes may irritate it.

Another benefit to the diaper and swaddle only is that it makes the skin-on-skin contact much easier to do. As soon as baby is fussy, you’re there and ready, whip off the swaddle and they are ready to be held.


First photo outfit
Newborns first photo in hospital

That announcement photo is so important and such an exciting time! But what to wear? Your photo-op outfit needs to be cute, but functional as baby will not appreciate being changed multiple times. Matching outfits are always precious, can Mum, Dad, and siblings all match?

When you’re looking for that fun outfit, remember, the printed clothing can cause irritation to newborn skin. While the mouse and his friends look cute, consider gentle now and fun later.

Bring a backup. This is true of any outfit, spit-ups and diaper explosions happen so make sure you have a backup option, or two!

Our personalized blankets make a great backdrop or swaddle for that first photo. With baby's name on the blanket and so many adorable prints to choose from, you can create the most gorgeous announcement photo.

What to wear for going home time?

Newborn in car seat going home
When it is finally time to head home, remember, your outfit needs to work with a car seat. Sleepsuits are no good as we need the legs free so the buckle can pass between them. This is another great time for your personalized blanket to come and save those legs from the cold.

We hope these tips helped. Did we forget anything? Let us know!
November 15, 2021 — Krista Hochwallner